Myth-busting: Does Weightlifting Make You "Bulky"?

“Will lifting weights make me bulky?”

The short answer….NO!!

The term “bulky” is completely subjective and is usually in reference to being muscular.

In order to look “very muscular” (like a body builder), you have to be extremely dedicated and committed to achieving a very lean, muscular physique.


  • Your goal is to compete in a body building/figure competition

  • You are training at least 2 hours a day for 5 to 6 days a week.

  • You have a strict diet 24/7 and are eating in a caloric surplus in order to maintain or gain muscle mass

  • You might be taking hormone supplements to help build muscle.

I am not trying to bash the sport of body building...what I am saying is that you won’t “accidentally” become super muscular. These people are amongst the most dedicated and hard working athletes in the world.

What weightlifting actually does:

  • It helps burn fat. It’s more effective than cardio. The more lean muscle mass we have, the more calories we burn at rest (i.e. the faster our metabolism gets)

  • As we age we start to lose muscle mass and bone density, making us fragile and weaker. Think of weightlifting as an age-defying miracle drug.

  • There a numerous health benefits to weightlifting that go beyond how we look.

  • Makes you look more “toned”. You want to have defined arms (a combination of multiple muscles), abs, and a firm butt (the largest muscle in the human body)? It’s not going to happen on it own.

  • Builds confidence and functional independence.

  • Shows you how awesome your body is and the amazing things you can do with it.

  • Makes you look and feel healthier.

“Okay, I’ll lift weights but I’ll keep it light because I just want to get toned.”


While lifting lightweights for a high volume of repetitions is great for your muscular endurance, it doesn’t help you increase your muscle mass. Your body needs to be challenged in order for it to change.

If you’re nervous about lifting weights because you might get hurt or feel intimidated, find a great personal trainer or a great CrossFit coach (we have both of those at CrossFit WindRose, just saying) and they will show you how to lift weights correctly and safely.

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To summarize, weightlifting is awesome and empowering. It burns more calories than cardio alone. It helps make your body look and feel healthy. Don’t shy away from weightlifting. Find a great coach that will show you how to train correctly and effectively.