Why we carry Ascent, Fuel For Fire & FitAid products


What is a protein supplement and why do I need one?

First let’s address what a supplement is. In simple terms, it’s a product that aids in your dietary intake. You can get most, if not all your needed proteins, carbs, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc, just from eating whole foods. Depending on your training program and lifestyle, eating large amounts of food might be a daunting task. Supplements are meant to help us fill in the gaps in our eating, not replace our meals.

Most of us start a training program to get stronger and develop lean muscle.

In order see the results we want, we need to consume an appropriate amount of protein. Most of the nutrition clients we work with usually aren’t eating enough protein to sustain muscle growth, prior to starting their current nutrition plan. On top of getting stronger and developing lean muscle, protein intake is important when recovering from an injury and/or surgery.

A protein shake is great as a snack throughout the day to spread out your daily protein intake evenly. A protein shake is even more important post-workout, when your body is primed for nutritional absorption.

When drinking your shake, add a carb source (i.e. a low/sugar-free juice or blend in fruits/veggies). Also drink you shake like a great glass of wine or whiskey….nice and slow. This will allow for the most absorption!

There’s also a different kind of protein that will aid in your recovery time and results-train. It’s called Casein! It’s also known as the nighttime protein.

Here’s a short video explaining what it is:


After trying multiple brands of pre-workout over the years, we’ve learned that Ascent has one of the best pre-workouts available. Most pre-workouts make your heart rate spike and causes the “fire ants” sensation on your face. Ascent’s pre-workout doesn’t. You don’t feel any tingling sensation on your face, you feel alert without having your heart rate go through the roof, and there’s no added sugars. We like to think of it as clean energy.

When should you use pre-workout?

Well it’s in the name….prior to your workout haha. But you don’t need to have it everyday if you don’t need it. It’s great for days that you’re not feeling 100%, when you need that extra energy and motivation to have a great training session.

Coffee is another great pre-workout to have but as you may already know, coffee can dehydrate you. Ascent pre-workout helps keep you hydrated, energized, has more milligrams of caffeine than a cup of coffee and you won’t “crash” afterwards.

We choose to carry Ascent products because of how simple their ingredient list is, the extremely high quality of their products, their affordable pricing and their mission. All of our coaches also believe in their products and use them frequently.


Other than carrying protein and pre-workout, we wanted to carry a convenient, healthy snack. Fuel for Fire is a great source for a quick carb and protein snack. It’s all natural ingredients packed with quality protein.

Fuel for Fire is great as a snack by itself. Instead of training on an empty stomach (your body needs fuel), you can have a Fuel for Fire prior to class without it aggravating your digestive system. It’s also great as a post-workout snack for when your energy stores are depleted and your body is demanding protein and carbs.


After a successful training session, there’s nothing more satisfying than having a nice, cold beverage. We carry FitAid because it’s refreshing, tasty and it’s packed with essential nutrients your body needs after a workout. It’s packed with BCAA’s, glutamine, omega-3’s, anti-inflammatories and other vitamins/minerals.

We’re always looking for ways to help improve our recovery time. This is just a small part, but we are always looking to get 1% better.

In short...

We will never try to oversell you our products. We just wanted to let you know more about them and why we decided to carry these products over others. You can always get all your necessary protein, essential vitamins, carbs, fat, minerals, etc, from a clean, whole food diet but if you need some help filling the gaps….we’re here for you.