Warm Up With These Healthy Soups

Soup is not a very popular summer meal, for obvious reasons, but now that it’s starting to get chilly outside, who doesn’t love a warm bowl of soup or chili. Soup can help warm you up, it’s comforting and it’s convenient.

The great thing about soup is how easily you can substitute an ingredient without altering the flavor drastically. For example: subbing out ground beef with tofu. Or just adding in an ingredient like kale.

Here are some healthy soups and chilis that we enjoy:

Nightshade-Free Chili

This chili is a great recipe for individuals who can’t have nightshades and would like to also avoid beans and dairy. Recipe via Autoimmune Wellness

Pumpkin Chili

It is October, so why not add some sweetness from your pumpkins into your chili. Recipe via Paleo Running Momma. If you find the chili is too thick, you can always add in some chicken stock

Fall Off The Bone Chicken Soup

Do your childhood winter memories include coming home from playing outside all day (in the freezing cold) to a warm pot of chicken noodle soup? Here’s a fresh “paleo” and Whole 30 approved version. Recipe via Irena Macri

Creamy Paleo Chicken Tomato Soup

Here’s a recipe that the tradition tomato soup and substitutes it with creamy coconut milk. Want to make it even sweeter and flavorful? Add in roasted red peppers as well. Recipe via Real Food With Jessica

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Soup

This recipe is so convenient and versatile. You can season the soup with spiced curry, pumpkin spices, taco seasoning, you can add bacon bits, add chicken and more! Recipe via Paleo Leap