The Hardest Part About Getting In Shape

So you want to lose some body fat, get leaner, get stronger and get healthier. Okay!

Let’s start going to the gym and working on our nutrition. Seems simple right!?

So why do so many of us “quit” after a few weeks? Why do we say, “I’ll start next Monday”, every week? Why do we wait until January 1st to change?

Going to the gym, staying active and eating better is important but that’s not the most challenging part to getting healthier and losing body fat.

The most challenging part is actually staying consistent and overcoming common misconceptions like:

  1. Thinking it will happen fast

  2. Thinking you don’t have to change your habits

We all have those weeks where we are super motivated and we go to the gym 6 days a week, we meal prep, we eat clean, drink plenty of water, get a good night's sleep, and more. We are on it!

But then along the way we start losing our “fire”. We skip going to the gym one day, which turns into one week, which turns into a month. The same thing sometimes happens with our nutrition.

Imagine if we took the “reasons” why we stopped going to the gym or stopped eating healthy food and applied it to other aspects of our lives.

“My goal this month is to brush my teeth at least 3 days a week”

“I didn’t have any time this week so I’ll just shower on Saturday”

In essence, let’s be honest with ourselves. Let's come to terms with the fact that our current habits got us to where we are today and it took us months/years to get there.

When we accept that we have to change some of our current habits to reach our goals and that it will take some time, we will be on the path to success.

So let’s create better habits. Let’s retrain our brain. Let’s go to the gym today or let’s do a few air squats and push ups during a commercial break. Let’s order a burger without bun and get a side salad instead of fries. Let’s set aside 2 hours for meal prep on Saturday.

How do you find time? The same way you find time to brush your teeth and shower. You just do.

Will there be moments where it gets difficult? Of course! But only in the beginning until the habits we practice become routine.

If you need help along the way, find a coach that can guide you and keep you accountable.

Here at CrossFit WindRose, we provide nutrition counseling, group training, personal training and at-home programming. We’re your coaches and #1 cheerleaders!

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