Obstacle Course Training

Are you interested in running one of the crazy obstacle course races this year?

Worried you might not be ready for the challenge?

Have you done one but want to tackle a bigger race like the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race Super or Beast?

Limited To 12 Participants

We can help you get ready for these races with expert obstacle instruction, practice and how to put it into your training. From 5k to 10k to “OMG what did I sign up for!?” We can help!

Don’t just survive these obstacle courses, finish strong and have fun while doing it!

What we do:

We will be teaching and coaching the skills and technique needed to smoothly transition from running to obstacle and back. The tricks and strategies of tackling different obstacles along with the training to work as a team or as an individual.

Due to mandated facility closures in relation to COVID-19, this program is on pause. Our training still continues online! Join our virtual training program for guidance, accountability and effective workouts.

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Details On The Program




Last Session:


Training Schedule:

    Sundays: 7AM (90-minutes)

    Thursdays: 6:30PM

    One weekly CrossFit class

  • Train 3 days a week with us plus homework

  • We teach the strategies and skills to conquer obstacles (like climbing ropes, walls, spear throwing)

  • We plan out your runs and workouts to prepare you for your race

  • We train pre-season, in season and post race season (join us for more than one race!)

  • We help you get stronger and faster (and look good muddy!)

  • Learn how NOT to get injured on race day

  • Learn how to fuel for race day

  • Develop mental toughness to keep going when the going gets tough!



  • 12 OCR Classes
  • 6 CrossFit Classes
  • 2 InBody Scans
  • Additional OCR Homework


  • 12 OCR Classes
  • Additional OCR Homework

*After you register, you will receive an email from us within 12 hours.

Personal Training & Small Group Training also available. 


Upcoming Sessions

  • May 2020

  • June 2020

  • August 2020

  • October 2020