Do you want to improve your leg strength?

           Movements like the squat and deadlift?


Would you like to add some definition

                                       to your booty and abs?

Our 6-Week Booty Boot Camp Is For You!

Limited To 5 Participants

Per Session

Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll be performing bodybuilding workouts using a series of different repetition ranges, set variations and equipment to stimulate growth, as well as a list of glute & ab activation exercises to stimulate blood flow and growth in the muscle fibers. 
With a mixture of isolation, activation and compound exercises that keep your body guessing, you will see a dramatic transformation in the strength, size and shape of your bum and core at the end of the 6 weeks.

Here's how it works:

  • 2 weekly 75 minute classes with Coach Cibele

  • Sessions:

    • Evenings: Monday & Thursday 8pm

    • Mornings: Monday & Thursday 10:15am

  • 3 Weekly At-Home workouts + Facebook support group

  • 2 InBody Scans

  • Body Measurement Tracking

  • Nutritional Basics


Have Questions?

Cost For The Full 6 Week:
Non-Members: $200
CFW-Members: $160
Add “gasoline to the fire” by adding nutrition counseling for the next 6 weeks or by joining our 26 Day Shred Challenge. With proper nutrition, you’ll dramatically improve your results.


Combine Booty Boot Camp

+ 26 Day Shred Challenge

For $25 Discount